Jeep Cherokee Ignition Switch Bypass: Everything you Need to Know

There are three common methods for the Jeep Cherokee ignition switch bypass. We delve deeper into this topic in this article, covering almost everything you need to know about bypassing the ignition switch in a Jeep Cherokee.

  • Hotwiring.
  • Using a Drill and a Screwdriver
  • By configuring Jumper Connections.

The three methods are described in detail below.

Hotwiring for Jeep Cherokee Ignition Switch Bypass.

This stunt might work for you if your vehicle was delivered before the mid-90s at the time. Once inside the vehicle, look for the guiding wheel section.

Remove the plastic cover that collects inward parts after that. This should reveal all of the necessary elements. From there, look for the wiring outfit connector.

Finding the specific connector could be difficult because there are so many links and wires around here.

It is, however, frequently found in the controlling section’s center. Various wires, links, and connectors connect the lights to the wipers and other adornments.

The battery, starter, and start connectors must then be located. The yellow and earthy colored wires are connected first.

The red ones have the battery. After stripping the battery wires down an inch from the protection, bend them together.

The associate then turns on/off the wire that connects to the battery, and you’ll notice that the lights turn on, and the electrical components begin to function. Now is the time to start the engine. As a result, try starting the car for a few minutes.

2022 Jeep Cherokee
2022 Jeep Cherokee

Using a drill with a Screwdriver can bypass the switch

This method will also work, but be cautious because the ignition switch may be damaged. It will also show you how to start a car with a broken starter switch.

Find the keyhole, get a metal drill, and drill into it at length comparable to the Key.

Then, insert the screwdriver into the keyhole and turn the starter as if it were a key, and the vehicle should start.

By configuring jumper connections for Jeep Cherokee Ignition Switch Bypass.

Under the hood of your vehicle, look for the start curl and the battery. Then, using a jumper link, connect the positive terminal of the battery to the positive side of the curl.

The dashboard will then be enabled, and the engine will start. The starter solenoid should then be located and connected to the positive battery terminal. Disconnect the change wiring from the solenoid after that.

What are the usual signs of a malfunctioning ignition switch?

There are several signs that your ignition switch is broken. You should have your car’s ignition switch or starter checked by a professional if you suspect a problem. Continue reading to discover the signs and symptoms of a bad ignition switch. When your ignition switch fails, these things happen.

Can You Drive a Car without a Catalytic Converter?

The vehicle will not start.

The ignition switch can be broken if you turn the Key, and the car tries to start but fails. A mobile mechanic, such as those at Wrench, is a great option if your car will not start because they will bring the shop to you.

The Key does not turn.

There could be a problem with your car’s ignition switch if your Key gets stuck in the keyhole and won’t turn to the “start” position.

If your Key doesn’t turn, your car will most likely refuse to start. This is a major headache, so get your car inspected right away.

The car abruptly stalls.

Your car may stall immediately after starting it or after a short drive. If your Key is in the “on” position and fails, your vehicle will start and then stall.

In either case, this could indicate a problem with your ignition switch.

There is no sound from the starter.

If nothing happens when you turn the Key, it means something is wrong. When you turn the Key, you should hear your car start.

If there is no noise, a blocked electrical pathway could be the cause. Has your vehicle been inspected by a professional because this could be the result of a dead battery?

Dashboard Lights That Flicker

This is the least common sign of a bad ignition switch, but it does happen. If your dashboard lights flicker while your car is moving, it’s possible that your ignition switch is broken.

What are the signs and symptoms of a malfunctioning ignition actuator?

A common issue is having difficulty starting the car.

The battery is drained every time you turn on the ignition, and the starter receives a signal from it to start the process.

When the key is turned, but nothing happens, the steering column actuator is most likely to blame.

Turning the Key a few times before the starter turns on and stays on can detect an actuator that is starting to wear out and needs to be replaced.

Keep an eye on the dashboard indicators.

Due to normal wear and tear, your steering column actuator will eventually fail. There may not be any of the above warning signs when this occurs.

Because it is connected to the vehicle’s electrical system, the only way to tell if this item is working is to turn on some of the dashboard lights when you turn the ignition switch.

The brake light, oil pressure light, and battery light will all illuminate when you turn the Key in an older vehicle.

The ignition switch is either worn out or broken if the lights do not come on when you turn the Key.

At any time, the ignition key can be removed.

The steering actuator, as previously stated, is a locking mechanism that keeps your ignition key secure while it is in the ignition switch.

You should never let any part of your key wiggle. If you can remove your key from the ignition while it is in the start or accessory position, the steering column actuator is broken.

Stop driving your car as soon as this happens and seek the help of an ASE-certified mechanic who can replace the steering column actuator and inspect the rest of the column for damage.

The Key has no resistance whatsoever.

When you insert the Key into your ignition and press the Key forward in “start mode,” you should feel some resistance.

If you can go straight to “start mode” without encountering any resistance, there may be a problem with the steering column actuator.

If you notice any of these warning signs, get it checked out by an ASE-certified mechanic right away. If the steering column actuator fails, this is a dangerous situation.

The ignition switch is getting too hot.

A bad ignition switch or a broken steering column actuator can generate heat due to overheating the electrical current.

If your key and ignition switch feel warm to the touch, have them checked by a professional mechanic. This could be a dangerous situation.

I hope you learned something new from this article and have a better understanding of Jeep Cherokee Ignition Switch Bypass. If you have any further questions, please leave a comment below and we will respond with more competent solutions. Also, if you have any further questions concerning the Jeep Liberty transmission Problems, take a look at this.


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