How to Start My Car without Chip Key?

Impossible. In general, you cannot start your car without a chip key because of the chip key. But in this article, we gonna make the impossible possible. This article discusses how to start my car without chip key. So stick until the end to find out the best.

As the first thing, try using a mobile app or calling the manufacturer’s on-road assistance service. Depending on how the new key is made, you can either have it towed back to your house or to a nearby dealership.

The following tricks are tested and work in case of starting a car when the chip key is not there. You must not use these tricks for illegal things. Just use them for you or when someone asks for help from you.

What really is a chip key/transponder key?

Chipped keys, also known as transponder keys, have an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chip embedded in the head of the key. Vehicle manufacturers have adopted these keys as an industry standard.

Because the RFID chip adds an additional layer of security to your vehicle’s ignition, this is the case. When a key is inserted into the ignition of a car equipped with an immobilizer system, the car checks for the presence of an RFID chip in the key and programs it to the vehicle.

Chip Keys
Chip Keys

Should a key not be recognized by the car, the immobilizer system will prevent the ignition from allowing the car to be started.

How to open my car without a chip key?

The following methods will be very useful for you to get things done when discuss about How to Start My Car without Chip Key.

The most suitable method.

  1. Your key’s plastic cover should be removed. Because the seal is so tight, you may need to use a screwdriver or pliers to apply leverage.
  2. Remove the transponder chip from the device. It resembles a small black square or a transparent tube.
  3. Attach the chip to a piece of tape and tape it to the ignition lock.
  4. Try starting the key with your disassembled key or a replacement key without the chip.
  5. Reposition the piece of tape if the car won’t start and try again.
  6. Once you’ve found a working location for the chip, superglue it in place.

The alternative methods for “How to Start My Car without Chip Key”.

Try using hotwires.

When you get it around the ignition lock/switch, it’s called a hotwiring. When you start the engine, you connect a series of cables or wires. The ignition lock is responsible for keeping the vehicle secure.

When a car key is inserted into a lock, it may activate a circular switch pack, which connects the appropriate wires to form a connection.

The majority of the work involved in “hotwiring” a car is done by hand. It’s a lot more complicated and technical than you might think, and the truth isn’t what you expected.

Cars have had passive immobilizers with a reader next to the ignition barrel since the ’90s in Europe and the ’90s in the United States.

To figure out where it’s coming from, it usually looks for signals from a chip inside the key fob. As a result, the car will not start without a chip.

For example, if the procedure is to steal a car, hotwiring isn’t the best way to do it because bypassing and starting the car would take a long time, compared to scenes in movies.

Because some parts, such as the spark plugs, fuel system, and crank sensor, are not being signaled, the ECU turns them off or shuts them down.

Coil Wire in Red for Start Car without Chip Key.

This method is another way to start a car without using a key or hotwiring. Some people are knowledgeable about what goes on beneath the hood. This step is for those who have a better understanding.

Begin by looking for a red coil wire. Second, use the jump starter cable to reconnect it to the battery’s power terminal. Connect the wire to the red coil wire in such a way that it stays on the red coil wire’s positive side. The dashboard will then gain a little more power.

This is the following step. To find the starter solenoid:

  1. Open the steering wheel and look inside.
  2. Connect the solenoid to the positive battery terminal on your car in this case.
  3. Remove the wire from the solenoid switch that connects to the ignition switch.

When using this method, you’ll need to put 12V directly on the battery. This philosophy will assist the solenoid in turning on and eventually igniting the starter, which will result in the car starting.

Screwdriver and Hammer or Drill and Screwdriver

Surprisingly, The Screwdriver and Drill Method rank first among the simple methods for starting your car without a key. When doing this, be cautious and don’t overdo the ignition switch.

Screwdriver key method
Screwdriver key method

This is the most effective method for removing the lock pins. However, this would permanently harm the vehicle’s critical mechanism. In this method, you’ll need to drill a 2 to 3-inch wide keyhole from where the inside flaps begin.

After that, remove the drill and the lock bits.

Have you ever started your car with something other than a screwdriver? Look into it, and if you don’t have a screwdriver, any key or metal piece that fits will suffice. There are over a million different ways to start a car without using the keys.

This method can be completed with a hammer rather than a drill. To accomplish this, insert your screwdriver into the keyhole. After that, you can begin hammering away. The pins in the ignition are supposed to be broken using this method.

Without the original, how do you program a transponder key?

You’ve probably seen a lot of answers that instruct you to use a method similar to this:

  1. Set the ignition to the On position by inserting the key into the ignition.
  2. After about 10 minutes of being in the On position, turn it back to Off.
  3. Repeat the procedure twice more.
  4. Remove the key from the lock.

This is an excellent way to waste half an hour and a significant portion of your battery’s charge. RFID chips, contrary to popular belief, cannot be programmed easily.

In fact, you won’t be able to program them on your own at all. You won’t be able to copy the chip code into another transponder key without the help of an authorized dealer or an independent locksmith, even if you still have one.

Some related FAQs for How to Start My Car without Chip Key.

How do I disable my transponder key?

Here is how to disable a transponder key on your own.

  1. Enter your vehicle and turn the key in the ignition.
  2. Turn the key to “On,” then cycle it back to “Off” after 10 minutes and 30 seconds.
  3. Do the previous step two more times, ending the third cycle in the “Off” position.

Is it possible to get around the transponder key?

Yes, it is possible to disable your vehicle’s immobilizer, but it is not advised. Because this important feature will no longer be active, your car will be vulnerable to theft and vandalism.

We hope that our explanation provided you with the answer to your question, “How to Start My Car without Chip Key” If you have any additional questions, please leave a comment below, and we will be happy to assist you further. Check out this link for an answer for How to start a Chevy Cavalier without key. Thank you very much.

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