Jeep Liberty transmission Problems; Troubleshoot, Cost, and Repairing

Jeep Liberty, a comfortable, safe, and economic drive SUV released for the market in 2002. Whether it was released to the market after thousands of checks, there were still noticeable transmission problems people call jeep liberty. This article brings you an overview of those Jeep Liberty transmission problems.

Jeep Liberty Transmission Models.

There were two transmission modes in the Jeep Liberty SUV.

  • Jeep Liberty Transmission: 42RLE
  • Jeep Liberty Transmission: 545RFE
Jeep Liberty transmission
Jeep Liberty transmission

A Jeep Liberty transmission’s total lifespan is primarily determined by its maintenance. Factory design issues and how/how hard you drive play a role in this equation. However, we’ve seen the Jeep Liberty gearbox last anywhere from 130,000 to 180,000 miles on average. However, if all of the factory design defects have been corrected and the vehicle has been maintained, a high-quality new gearbox can last much longer.

What are the most common jeep liberty transmission problems?

We’ve identified some common transmission issues in Jeep liberty when going through the tests and customer reviews.

  • Shifts that are rough and jerky.
  • Between gears, the transmission slides.
  • The torque converter has failed.
  • The gear shifter won’t stay put.

While shifting, slips.

Liberty’s automatic gearbox has a propensity for sliding. When this happens, the engine RPMs begin to rise when in between gears, and the engine releases a pungent rotten egg odor. This problem usually arises when the fluid levels fall too low or when the transmission bands break.

Shifts that aren’t smooth.

The automatic gearbox frequently shudders when attempting to downshift from a higher gear. You can sense a reduction of power and spiking once it eventually activates when this happens. At this moment, the trouble code P0740 frequently arises, indicating an issue with the torque converter clutch solenoid.

Failure of the transmission.

It’s possible that the automatic gearbox will stop working altogether if it starts trembling and jerking when moving through the gears. Many automobiles do not even make it to 50,000 miles on the odometer before this occurs. All that’s required is to replace the transmission at this stage.

Failure of the torque converter.

Automatic gearboxes send power from the engine to the drive wheels through a torque converter. You’ll notice your gearbox jerking and sliding if the torque converter starts to fail, which is frequent on the 2006 Jeep Liberty. It will be eventually failed and need to be replaced.

The Gear Shifter is unrestricted in its movement.

Unless you depress the button, the gear changer should not move. It shifts effortlessly between gears on the 2006 Jeep Liberty without the need for a button. The transmission’s internals might be ruined if you unintentionally shift it into reverse while driving. The problem is fixed with a new shifter assembly.

How to troubleshoot Jeep Liberty transmission?

Troubleshooting the problems is not very hard, and you can do it on your own. What you need is a good eye, ear and some valuable time.

Manual transmission.

  • Step 01.

In neutral, start the engine and listen for sounds. The input shaft bearing and countershaft bearings may be worn if the gearbox is loud while the Jeep is in neutral. It’s also possible that the primary driving gear bearing or countershaft has been damaged.

  • Step 02.

Listen for noise in a specific piece of equipment. This shows that the gear teeth are worn, broken, or chipped. The gear’s synchronizer may also be worn or broken.

  • Step 03.

Drive the car and look for high-gear slippage. These problems are caused by loose transmission to clutch housing bolts or misalignment of the transmission housing.

Check for noise in all ratios as you drive the car. Chattering gears can be caused by a lack of gear oil owing to a leak. Check the transmission oil seal or the O-ring on the vehicle speed sensor.

Auto transmissions.

  • Step 01.

Check for gear slippage, noise, or no drive in forwarding or backward gears while driving the vehicle. These problems might be caused by a lack of automatic transmission fluid.

  • Step 02.

Check whether the engine starts in any gear other than Park or Neutral or if it moves in Park. This means the shift cable has been misaligned. Check for damage to the shift gear connection.

Check the Interlock Solenoid for the Brake/Transmission Shift. Attempt to shift out of Park without stepping on the brake pedal by turning the ignition key to run. The solenoid is malfunctioning if the gear shift button can be depressed.

How can you get rid of that transmission problem?     

You can apply a few methods to get rid of the Jeep liberty transmission problems.

Purchase a used Jeep Liberty transmission as a first option.

Buying a used transmission or used transmission is the most straightforward approach to solve your transmission difficulties. Most junkyards have them, and they usually come with a 30-90 day guarantee.

However, there’s no way to tell if the internal components are in good shape, so you might wind up paying a lot of money to have the same problems. Furthermore, the guarantee only covers the transmission if it is malfunctioning, not the labor charges.

Purchase a remanufactured Jeep Liberty transmission.

A repaired transmission or rebuilt transmission is another possibility. A local repairing shop will remove your transmission during the rebuild and install a slew of new parts. The difficulty is that every transmission rebuilder’s abilities and expertise will vary significantly from shop to shop, so you might have issues as a result of anything that wasn’t appropriately changed. Furthermore, the 1-2 year guarantee may be limited to particular transmission repair shops in a specified geographic area.

Purchase a remanufactured Jeep Liberty transmission as a third option.

Many owners rely on their cars to move about and get things done. Because their gasoline engines are meant to travel hundreds of thousands of kilometers, investing in a remanufactured gearbox makes sense.

FAQs about Jeep Liberty transmission problems.

How much does it cost to rebuild a Jeep Liberty transmission?

The cost of your Jeep transmission repair or rebuild will be determined by the parts that need to be replaced and the number of service hours required. The typical cost of a transmission replacement, on the other hand, starts at around $1,900 and may reach $3,500.

Is transmission worth replacing?

Transmissions are one of the very costly repairs you can make to your car. It is likely worth repairing if the automobile is reasonably new and in good shape except for the transmission. Other reasons to repair a vehicle’s transmission include owning a historic automobile that is worth the money to restore.

How many miles is too many for a Jeep Liberty?

The Jeep Liberty has a long service life of over 200,000 kilometers. A number of variables will boost the chances of your Liberty lasting a long time. Check to see if any recalls for your model year have been addressed and resolved.

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