I Washed My Car Keys and Now It Won’t Start; what’s next?

When you accidentally wash your car keys, it is a very disappointing thing once you realize that you’ve washed the keys also. As the keys are electric, the worst scenarios can happen when contacted with water. We see many of you are asking the question that “I Washed My Car Keys and Now It Won’t Start,” so in this article, we discuss what to do when this happens.

What you should and should not do when accidentally washing the keys.

You should do many things and should not do when you find your car key wet or being washed accidentally. So the following tips and tricks will guide you through it.

What do I do if I wash my car keys?

If your car key is wet, remove the battery cover to see the cell within. This should be a breeze if you own a Kia, Hyundai, or Vauxhall.

When using a Ford Flip key or an older VW group, you may have to disassemble the key. If it’s not a rechargeable battery and therefore a sealed device, you should try to open the casing to pull it out.

Remove the battery from the device. A Tupperware container filled with dry rice and a key is all that is needed to secure the container. Rice absorbs water like a sponge when it’s cooked, and the same is true here.

Allow as much time as possible for the key to dry out. Don’t use a hairdryer or a heater to warm up the key. In order for the rice to function correctly, it must be able to absorb water.

I Washed My Car Keys
I Washed My Car Keys

Do not press any buttons after washing your key. 

It’s possible that hitting the buttons can damage the circuit board, in which case you’ll have to get a replacement. Even if the key remote is non-integrated (the transponder is placed in the key, but the remote is not), you should still be able to access and start your car using the key.

The battery for Key Remote must be removed from the device.

Battery removal will limit the risk of additional harm. It’s a formula for disaster as long as there is power and water. Make sure there are no traces of water damage when you open the case.

There may just be a small amount of moisture remaining from time to time. If you are lucky, your key remote may remain watertight, but it also relies on how long the key was submerged in water.

As much as possible, dismantle the key remote.

While it’s tempting to tear apart the key remote to see how it works, refrain from taking things apart too much. Changing the battery should be enough for most remotes, but if it doesn’t, you’ll need a new one.

It might be challenging to figure out how to access and remove the battery from the remote. Look behind the logo sticker for a little screw, which may be lurking there. You may be able to open a device without a screw by just prying it open.

car key wash
BMW key wash

Keep an eye out for the point at which the remote’s casings meet. Usually, there is a clear indicator of where to begin prying.

If you lose the little transmitter chip within the remote, you will not be able to use it. They may fall out of the box a few times without your knowledge.

If you’re going to dry the key, either hang it up or use a blow dryer.

Hanging (or laying) it out in the sun for a few hours to a day, depending on the weather, is one of the most acceptable methods to dry it. For a sweltering summer’s day, only a few hours would suffice.

When I did it, I did it with a chuckle. Another option for quickly drying it is to use a hairdryer. Using medium heat for a few minutes, attempt to pull the remote apart a few times over the course of an hour if it’s not possible.

Your chances of getting it to function again improve with each passing minute that passes.

The battery has to be replaced, and the key needs to be checked.

It’s about that time. Nervous? I was at that time. Put it in if you have a new battery and see if the key works. If it does, you’ll be back on the road. If it didn’t work, at least we tried.

Key remotes with replaceable batteries are not available for all.

Sadly, not all key remotes can be recharged with a new battery. In this regard, the Holden Commodore Key is a noteworthy illustration. These have their batteries attached to the circuit by means of welds. The remote’s casing is the same way: it’s not meant to be ripped apart.

What’s the matter? If all else fails, consult a locksmith.

If you’re locked out of your car and need a replacement key, call a local automotive locksmith before heading to the dealership. For the most part, a locksmith will be less expensive than a vehicle dealership.

Make sure you have a spare key before you go. They are indeed pricey, but if you misplace your lone car key, you’ll wish you had. “I was going to get a spare key cut, but I never got around to it,” is a common refrain I hear from people. You can’t keep putting it off any longer!

One last piece of advice: always travel with an extra set of keys if you misplace your primary set or, worse, get it stolen. When you’re on vacation, losing your lone key might be disastrous.

Chip Keys
Chip Keys

FAQs related to I Washed My Car Keys and Now It Won’t Start.

Can car keys flush down the toilet?

It’s nothing new for plumbers to deal with bizarre and unusual objects flushed down the toilet. However, the p-trap should be able to grab the thing so that you can quickly take it out with a drain snake or bent wire hanger for frequent situations like flushing your keys down the toilet.

Is the car key waterproof?

Keyless entry remotes and traditional automobile keys do not have waterproof buttons. Beach vacations should be enjoyable. However, how many times have you gotten out of your car, dived in the water, and then realized you forgot to remove your keys from your pocket.

We hope that our explanation provided you with the answer to your question, “I Washed My Car Keys and Now It Won’t Start” If you have any additional questions, please leave a comment below, and we will be happy to assist you further. Check out this link for an answer for get rid of mouse urine. Thank you very much.

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