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How to Get a Loaner Car from Dealership? This article will find out all the necessary information and the procedure when you need to get a loaner car. Finally, you will find out some FAQs that people like you keep asking on the web. So stick until the end.

What is a loaner car?

The dealership or your insurance provider provides you with a free loaner vehicle while your vehicle is being repaired, such as after an accident. This service is a rental automobile that is paid for by the dealership and given to the customer at no charge by certain dealers.

However, suppose you need to temporarily solve your transportation solution while your vehicle is being repaired overnight. In that case, this method may help the dealership’s company in customer satisfaction and even encourage you to purchase one. Since dealerships don’t often register complimentary loaner vehicles as demo or program cars, they are considered new automobiles.

When Buying a Loner Car from the Dealer.

There are some exact steps that you have to follow in this case. So let’s discuss them one by one.

Updated Automobile Insurance Coverage.

The law in the United States mandates that all vehicles be insured. Most automobile insurance plans classify loaner cars as temporary replacement vehicles.

Insurance mean
Insurance mean

Car insurance policies may be moved to a loaner vehicle while your own vehicle is being repaired or maintained if they are updated. While your vehicle is being repaired, your vehicle insurance company will pay for a loaner automobile for you to use. This is known as courtesy car coverage.

Affirmation of a person’s age.

To get a loaner car, the main driver’s age must be verified. Traders are free to establish their own age restrictions for customers between the ages of 20 and 25 years old.

Younger drivers are more prone to accidents because they lack driving expertise compared to older drivers. Young drivers face higher insurance premiums. Those who have been driving for at least 25 years have gained the essential expertise to reduce the likelihood of accidents and cut insurance premiums.

Verification of Written Documents.

Prior to receiving a loaner automobile, a driver’s license is required. Your name and birth date are among the pieces of information it holds, making it easier to verify your identity in the event of a fraud attempt.

Credit or debit cards will also be used in traffic, parking, and other offenses to pay fines and fees. You now have control of the rental automobile and are responsible for any damage (that is not covered by insurance), tolls, and fuel costs.

How to Get a Loaner Car from Dealership?

Loan cars may be obtained from an approved body shop, vehicle repair shop, or dealership. Here are the processes involved:

  • Ask Your Insurance Agency.
  • A meeting with the lender is necessary.
  • Comply With All Requirements And Procedures.

If your vehicle requires overnight servicing or repairs that may take several days, a courtesy car is available for you to use.

Will Carvana Buyout a Lease?

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Inquire with Your Insurance Company.

Check your insurance plan to see whether courtesy vehicle coverage is included in your package. Contact the one closest to you to find out whether your region has a certified body shop and dealership.

Organize a Meeting with the Lender.

Once you’ve found a nearby dealership that is authorized to service and repair your vehicle, contact them to schedule an appointment. Don’t forget to bring your insurance, driver’s license, and any credit or debit cards you have with you.

Inform your car’s dealership of any issues or repairs that it needs. Ask how long it will take them to solve the problem. Ask whether they can offer you a courtesy vehicle if it takes longer.

Fulfill A List of Requirements and Forms.

If your vehicle was assessed to need numerous days of repairs, the dealership would enable you to use a loaner car. They’ll drive you to an office where you’ll sign a contract stating everything from mileage restrictions to how longer you can use the courtesy vehicle.

Dealership checklist
Dealership checklist

Before finalizing the terms and conditions, you’ll need proof of insurance, a driver’s license, and a credit or debit card. Fill out and sign the document after you’ve cleared up any issues. Just sit tight and wait for them to say yes. They’ll give you the courtesy car’s key, and you’re ready to leave.

Who Pays for a Car Loaner’s Crash?

According to the terms of the contract and the requirements of insurance companies, the payout for a loaner automobile crash could differ. If you’re the victim of a car accident, you have the right to demand compensation from the driver who caused the incident. If you were involved in an accident, your insurance would pay for the loaner’s automobile.

Depending on the terms of your contract, the dealership may also offer main or additional coverage whereas the vehicle is in your possession. Your borrowed automobile may be covered by the dealership’s insurance if it causes property damage, bodily injury, or tragedy to somebody else.


Do dealerships charge for loaners?

If your automobile will be out of commission for many hours or days, the technician may be able to provide yourself with a free loaner car if you provide evidence of insurance. To tempt you to buy a new vehicle, dealerships may place you in a car that is newer and has more amenities than the one you now possess.

How do you negotiate a loaner car?

Request a copy of the window sticker to establish your discounts and to guarantee that taking the loaner vehicle saves you money. Over 500 miles on the odometer, 15 cents per mile is a reasonable reduction of the vehicle’s manufacturer’s recommended retail price (MSRP). With your sales agent, come to an agreement on pricing.

Does insurance cover loaner cars?

Most car insurance plans cover the use of a loaner vehicle. Loaners are referred to be temporary replacement automobiles in insurance plans. Even if your insurance doesn’t cover the cost of a rental automobile, any claims you make after an accident in a loaner or renting a vehicle may be covered.

Do dealerships track loaner cars?

Dongles that monitor GPS, accelerometer settings, and other data are installed in certain loaner automobiles. Dealerships do this because some consumers, believe it or not, keep their loaners and do not return them. You should be ready to explain the number of miles you put on the car at a minimum – most of the time, they will check.

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