Power Window Not Working on Driver Side; Fixed in No Time

If your Power Window not Working on Driver Side or passenger’s side, the problem could be with the fuse, wires, switch, or power window motor. So when the power window is not working, the following tutorial will help you to learn everything about the issue and then fix the problem as soon as possible.

How do the power windows work?

When the doors are opened, some late-model high-end cars have frameless windows that automatically crank open a quarter-inch or so. It happens so quickly that you might miss it. The window opens quickly, allowing the seal to be broken before the door latch is released.

It then closes automatically about a second after the door latch latches. There are two benefits to doing so. To begin with, the slightly open window allows interior air to circulate, which can make it difficult to open doors in tightly sealed vehicles by springing the door open against air pressure.

Power Window
Power Window

It also allows the manufacturer to use a very different type of top-of-window seal. With a small lip protruding over the top of the glass, the seal can resemble a sedan door seal.

Because the glass must clear the seal as it opens and closes, this type of seal will not work on frameless windows. There is less water and noise intrusion with this type of seal.

The main disadvantage of power windows is,

The disadvantage is the logic control module that is required to accomplish this. A factory shop manual and possibly some expensive parts will be required for repairs.

What are the symptoms of a failing power window motor/switch?

All windows stopped working.

If all of the windows stop working at the same time, there is likely a power loss in the electrical system. This is usually caused by a bad relay or blown fuse. This could be the driver’s master switch.

Only one window fails.

Problems with only one window can be caused by bad relays, blown fuses or motors, or a bad power window switch. The most common cause of one window not working is the switch, which should be replaced by a professional mechanic. The mechanics will then test the windows to ensure the rest of the system works properly.

Only the master switch works.

While the window may not have its own switch, the master switch can still raise or lower it. In this case, the power window switch may have failed, but the other window components may be working properly.

The window fails to open sometimes.

A window that opens fine but does not close properly may have a faulty window power switch. Alternatively, the window may close properly but not open properly.

The switch may be dying, but not completely. Before your window gets stuck open position or closed, replace the power window switch.

How to Repair a Non-Working Passenger or Driver-Side Power Window?

As we’ve mentioned above, the problem can be caused by a blown fuse, a damaged motor, or a broken switch. So try the following tricks for fixing the problem.

Using a test light, check the fuses.

Using a test light, inspect the fuses. The fuses for the power windows are located on the back of the fuse box cover.

Check for power on both sides of the fuse by inserting the prong into each divot on the top of the fuse. If the fuses are operational, proceed to the wires. If a fuse has blown, it should be replaced.

how power window works
How power window works

Make sure the wires leading to the power window switch are in good shape.

Examine the wires in the door jamb by opening the door. They’re hidden behind a protective boot. Wires may break over time as the doors open and close so frequently.

Wires can be broken if the boot is broken and exposed to the elements. Examine the wires on the driver’s and passenger’s sides of the doors.

If the wires are broken or torn, use a butt connector to connect the broken wires.

Examine the window switch and motor.

The problem could be with the window switch if the fuses and wires are in good condition and the parts are receiving power. If only one window is malfunctioning, the window motor is most likely to blame.

If the problem affects more than one window, the window switch is most likely to blame. A test light can determine whether the problem is with the switch or the window motor.

Damaged window regulators.

A window regulator is a mechanism that raises and lowers a power window. A window regulator is located in each car door with a power window. A power window motor is connected to it via cables.

Pushing the up or down buttons will not move the window if the regulator fails. The regulator may be out of alignment, or the crank gears may be worn or broken. The window regulator will need to be replaced.

Ice and snow.

If you live in an area where there is a lot of snow and ice, your power windows’ functionality may be jeopardized. The reason for this is that the windows’ glass will adhere to their frames.

When a window and its frame are frozen together, regulators aren’t always strong enough to separate them. Even if it is capable of doing so, the regulator will wear out much more quickly.

Damage to the door.

In order for the window to move up and down properly, the window tracks must be aligned. If the door has been damaged in a collision or has a loose bolt, the window may become stuck, or the door may not close completely.

Window Tracks are filthy.

Inside the door, the glass window slides along metal rails. These rails may become clogged with mud and road debris over time, or the lubricant that keeps the window moving smoothly may dry up.

Cleaning the window rails and then lubricating them with silicone lubricant might be a good idea. Make sure you don’t get any silicone spray on your paint. If you do, get rid of it as soon as possible.

Some related FAQs Power Window Not Working On Driver Side.

Is there a fuse for each car window?

Other cars have individual fuses for each window motor, so if one fails, only that window will be affected.

The fuse may be located in the main fusebox in some vehicles, but many manufacturers use in-line fuses, so consult your owner’s manual to determine where the fuse is located and replace it if it has blown.

Is it possible to tell if a window fuse has blown?

Examine the fuse wire. The fuse has blown and needs to be replaced if there is a visible gap in the wire or a dark or metallic smear inside the glass.

I hope you learned something new from this article and have a better understanding of Power Window Not Working on Driver Side. If you have any further questions, please leave a comment below and we will respond with more competent solutions. Also, if you have any further questions concerning the chevy 4 wheel drive switch problems, take a look at this.

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