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Electric cars, the future of traveling in 100% green and even low cost, is now revolutionary battling in the vehicle industry. We all know that the energy crisis, which is yet to happen shortly, will clear the path for electric cars to capture the vehicle market at light speed.

As the trend comes into the market, many vehicle companies invest in developing electric cars with higher efficiency and mileage with better safety. In this article, we will discuss the companies with electric cars which are contributing to creating a greener world.

Why are EV cars so important and popular?

Electric automobiles may make a significant contribution to improving air quality in cities and towns. Pure electric cars don’t emit carbon dioxide since they don’t exhaust. This has a substantial impact on lowering pollution levels.

How an Electric Car Works
How an Electric Car Works

Simply put, cleaner streets are made possible by electric vehicles, making cities and towns safer for walkers and bikers alike. Just one electric car on the road for a year may prevent the emission of 1.5 million grams of CO2 on average. For comparison’s sake, let’s say that the trip from London to Barcelona takes four roundtrip flights.

The best EV companies around the world.


In terms of Companies with Electric Cars , Tesla is one of the world’s top manufacturers and innovators. For companies and households, the company also creates solar panels for use in electricity production.

Tesla, an electric vehicle manufacturer located in California, was established in July 2003. Right now, it offers four electric vehicles: the Tesla Model S and the X, 3, and Y.

There are three different types of Tesla vehicles: sedans, crossover SUVs, and full-size SUVs. The Tesla Model 3 is now the best-selling electric car globally, while the Model S is the longest-range electric car.

Additionally, you may be interested in learning about the world’s most powerful electric vehicles.

The company will launch the Tesla Roadster sports vehicle and the Cybertruck electric pickup truck in the future. Tesla is most well-known for its electric vehicle (EV) technology, including its high-quality specifications, autopilot capabilities, and extensive network.

Cybertruck EV
Cybertruck EV

Most major nations, including the United States, Canada, Europe, China, Australia, and more, have Tesla’s electric automobiles.


Car subscription service Canoo has developed a revolutionary new model for electric vehicle ownership. Many of Canoo’s EV options, from personal automobiles to freight trucks, help individuals and corporations meet their sustainable mobility demands.

Open Motors.

Open Motors offers existing auto manufacturers a platform to design, model, and produce their electric vehicles using a novel approach to electric vehicle development.

The common platform saves firms money on R&D spending, and it gives entrepreneurs with a database from which they may adapt and create their unique products.”


Uber is one of the most popular ride-sharing services globally, allowing users to go about in cities across the world whenever they want.

New incentives have been introduced by Uber, including a zero-emissions reward and an Uber Green category that allows riders to select only drivers who use electric vehicles.


ZOOX is a ride-hailing business that aims to make taxi services completely electric and autonomous. Sensor lidar, real-time processing, and 360-degree field of view are just a few of the technology in Zoox’s cars, designed in-house by the company.


Arrival is a car manufacturer dedicated to making electric vehicles more inexpensive and accessible so that the transportation sector may move toward a zero-emissions paradigm. Additionally, Arrival manufactures electric vans and buses, and passenger automobiles.

Companies and government agencies work together as part of the company’s efforts to assist them in becoming more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient.


Rivian, an electric car start-up located in Michigan, has two models in the works. This electric vehicle manufacturer was established in 2009 and had been actively developing and testing its vehicles ever since.

No Rivian EVs are currently in use. The Rivian R1S electric SUV and the R1T electric pickup truck are the two EVs that the business wants to release. Both of the company’s vehicles have been unveiled and are now available for booking on its website.

R1S and R1T should be on the road by the end of 2021, according to Rivian.

It’s too early to laud its electric automobiles because none of them are on the road yet. On the other hand, Tesla is widely seen as a threat by industry analysts. Initially, the automobiles will only be accessible in the United States because the company is situated in the United States.

Those companies are some of the best EV companies which own a good reputation in developing Electric vehicles. Here we focus on one of the fastest-growing EV Companies based in Sri Lanka, which is named Vega Innovation.

Vega Innovation; the future will be coded by them.

When discuss about the Companies with Electric Cars, Vega Innovation has now been grown its reputation in the electric car market with the invention of Vega EVX, which has been a great revolution in the 2020 Geneva Motor Show. As the first all-electric supercar in South Asia, the Vega EVX has handmade design and clever technology driven by CodeGen from Sri Lanka, an island known for its inventiveness.

Vega EVX
Vega EVX

The supercar; Vega EVX.

Controller for the motor.

Patent-pending traction control inverters for lightweight, high power density applications, with a peak power output of 350kW at 900V and 600A and a voltage range of up to 900V and 600A Proprietary cooling system utilizing a pin-fin arrangement on a base plate.

Power Source.

Pouches and cylindrical cells are used to create liquid-cooled battery pack designs. Dual-tab cooled, cell-fused battery assemblies with integrated Battery Management Systems are possible because of this technology (BMS). AI-driven battery health and optimization monitoring.

Assistive Device.

SAE J1772, IEC-62196-2, CHAdeMO, and CCS are among the industry-leading standards that are met by Charger Controllers, which can be either air-cooled or liquid-cooled depending on the needs of electric cars.

The control unit of a car (VCU).

A sophisticated microcontroller with multi-protocol communication channels and data recording facilities is used in Vega’s VCU. Integrated with the VCU, the Thermal Management Controller of the automobile ensures that the temperature of crucial drivetrain components is optimally managed.

Vehicle infotainment systems are becoming increasingly sophisticated.

The Vega Infotainment System was developed by manufacturers using multiple high-performance computer hardware and software platforms to introduce AI-based USPs to the infotainment market. It goes beyond generic information displays and offers individualized user-to-vehicle interaction.

Control systems for the body.

Incorporating cutting-edge capabilities at an affordable price, the Vega Body Control System is built on a distributed architecture and includes a Body Control Unit (BCU), Door Control Unit (DCU), Lighting Control Unit (LCU), and Climate Control Unit (CCU) (CCU).

FAQs about Companies with Electric Cars and EV Cars.

Who makes batteries for Tesla?

For more than a decade, Panasonic has provided batteries for Tesla vehicles, and Panasonic and Tesla jointly run a Nevada facility they call the Gigafactory. A facility that supplies Tesla is suddenly making money for Panasonic after a long period of deficits.

Does Kia make an electric car?

In addition to the gasoline-powered Niro hybrid, the Kia Niro EV is also available in an all-electric variant (both are reviewed separately). An EPA-estimated range of 239 miles is provided by a 64-kWh battery pack that drives a front-mounted motor.

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