Common Reasons for Check Engine Light on Jeep Grand Cherokee

The check engine light on Jeep Grand Cherokee is a warning to let owners know that there is a pending mechanical issue that needs attention. Continue reading to learn the common causes for a check engine light flashing on a Grand Cherokee, whether or not it’s safe to continue driving when the light is flashing, and tips about resetting the check engine light on your Jeep.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Check Engine Light Blinking: Common Causes

The check engine light on your Jeep Grand Cherokee is one component of the onboard diagnostic (OBD) system. This light serves as a messenger to let you know that there is a mechanical problem that needs to be addressed. Possible reasons for the check engine light illuminating range from minor to severe, like:

  • Battery is too old.
  • Defective O2 sensor.
  • Transmission is developing problems.
  • Computer output circuit is malfunctioning.
  • Emissions control system is not working correctly.
  • Catalytic converter or other exhaust system issues.
  • Air and/or fuel monitoring systems are nonfunctional.
  • The gas cap is missing, needs tightening, or is defective.
  • Spark plugs, plug wires, or other ignition system components need replacing.

You see, the check engine light blinking on your Jeep Grand Cherokee can indicate something as simple as the gas cap needing to be tightened, or it can indicate something much more serious, like internal engine component breakage or malfunction.

How are you supposed to know precisely why your check engine light is illuminated and flashing?

It depends on the trouble codes your Jeep displays. There are numerous codes that may be thrown, depending on the specific issue that the OBD system recognizes. Let’s look at how to get them.

Retrieving Trouble Codes on a Jeep Grand Cherokee

Have a pen and paper ready before retrieving the trouble codes on your Grand Cherokee Jeep. Here are the steps to take to initiate their displays:

  • Rotate the ignition key ON until the odometer illuminates.
  • Turn the key back to the OFF position.
  • Repeat the process three times (ON/OFF, ON/OFF, ON/OFF).

Now, turn the ignition key to the ON position a fourth and final time. This time, when the key reaches its ON position, trouble codes will be displayed instead of the odometer reading. A single or multiple codes may flash. If there are no trouble codes to display, the word ‘DONE’ will appear.

Check Engine Light on Jeep Grand Cherokee
Check Engine Light on Jeep Grand Cherokee

Write all your codes down, and then you’ll be able to research their meanings to determine the precise issues that your Jeep is experiencing. You can get a full list of Jeep Grand Cherokee Trouble Codes Here.

Most Common Jeep Grand Cherokee Mechanical Problems

While there are many possible problems that a Jeep Grand Cherokee can develop, the four most common are reported as:

  1. Ignition switch failure
  2. Alternator malfunction
  3. Engine stalling during driving
  4. Unpredictable electronic shifting

So, if you notice that your check engine light is blinking on your Grand Cherokee, it’s likely to be because of one of these four issues, each of which typically requires professional assistance to remedy.

Which is worse flashing or solid check engine light?

Even though there is no immediate danger if the light is solid, it may still be cause for concern. A solid light could indicate fuel, timing, or transmission issues, or it could be as unimportant as a loose gas cap. While a technician will need to diagnose your car, the situation is not as urgent as if a light was flashing. –

How to Reset Check Engine Light on Jeep Grand Cherokee

In most cases, the check engine light on a Jeep Grand Cherokee will automatically shut off when the issue that caused it to come on is resolved. For example, if your check engine light begins flashing because your fuel cap is loose, it will typically turn itself off if you tighten the cap properly.

If you find that your check engine light will not shut off, primarily if you have addressed all the issues pointed at by the trouble codes, you’re probably going to need the assistance of a professional mechanic. It’s always better to seek specialist aid than to chance to ruin your Jeep!

2022 Jeep Cherokee
2022 Jeep Cherokee

Driving a Jeep Grand Cherokee with the Check Engine Light On

Some conditions, like a missing gas cap or a problem with the exhaust system that’s causing poor fuel mileage, can cause the check engine light to begin flashing after each time the vehicle starts. If you notice that the light keeps flashing, even after several driving cycles, it’s time to seek help.

If you continue driving your malfunctioning Jeep Grand Cherokee engine with your check engine light flashing, you could cause serious damage that will be much more expensive to repair. If you notice that you’ve driven more than 40 miles or so with the light flashing, take your Jeep to a mechanic and have it analyzed professionally.

FAQs about Check Engine Light on Jeep Grand Cherokee

Can a faulty Check Engine Light cause my Jeep Grand Cherokee to fail an emissions test?

Yes, your Jeep Grand Cherokee may fail an emissions test as a result of a malfunctioning Check Engine Light. When the Check Engine Light illuminates, it indicates a problem with the vehicle’s emissions control system, which may impair the vehicle’s ability to pass an emissions test.

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