Why does knocking noise coming from dashboard?

You start your car and get ready to start your journey, and you start to hear some knocking noise coming from dashboard. You may be worried about the strange sound, and it is normal as the snoring and screaming in the car can drive you crazy.

Generally, we should always check for any unusual noise in our vehicles. So, what is the cause of the click or knock sound from your dashboard? The article will take you through the causes of clicking audio from the dashboard and possible solutions for each location.

Why does the car knocking noise coming from dashboard?

Screaming and screaming from the car dashboard indicate that the car has some problems that need to be fixed. The main causes of click-through sound on a car dashboard include a faulty door engine, transmission problems, and heater control loss. In addition, incorrect weather settings can result in clicking click on a car dashboard.

Noise clicking behind dash
Noise clicking behind dash, heater noise explained

Measurement of heater motor

A car heater or Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning system is a useful piece of equipment. This system uses integrated doors, engines, and integrated doors to control air flow and cooling / heating. Tracking all temperature, fan speeds, dual-zone applications, and all vehicle stops is a task that only computers can handle.

Click on the dashboard

The control module of the Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning system controls everything, but you should get a study of the position of the integrated doors in order to function properly. However, in some cases, degrees can be calculated incorrectly which is why it leads to abnormal motor performance. If you find that this causes the sound of your car dashboard, you need to rectify the problem. In addition, the mobile controller tracks the positions of the integrated departments; uses the information to direct the wind according to requests made by its operators. Therefore, if the positions of the merged departments are lost, the controller will be ineffective.

What are the most common causes of loss of integrated departmental facilities

  • Battery disconnected
  • Flatcar battery
  • Faulty stepper motor
  • Stepper motor removed or damaged without repair
  • How to measure heaters

Although it is not difficult to measure the heater, it requires a few concrete steps to perform it. And every manufacturer has its own set of steps. Therefore, vehicles will need bidirectional scan equipment to measure HVAC formation.

The process of re-evaluating or re-learning of other GM vehicles

Step 1: Turn on the ignition

Step 2: open the default button

Step 3: Turn off the ignition

Step 4: remove the fuse from the system for a minute

Step 5: Turn on ignition; the HVAC system is now in re-evaluation mode

Step 7: Light again for 15 minutes

Step 8: Start the engine, and now the stem is rated

However, if the problem persists, try checking that the stepper motor has problems.

Every car comes with a piece of electrical equipment and needs several circuits, relays, and control modules. Modern cars have a lot of electronic devices, and your car can have more than three fuse boxes, all housing relays, and fuses.

So what is a relay? A relay is an electrical-mechanical tool used to control a loaded circuit. It is used in many circuits, horns, lamps, power seats, wipers, and starter motors. To diagnose the wrong relay, you need to use your ears, put your hand on it and feel the pressure. When you move a faulty relay, it will usually emit a ringing sound.

How can you fix a faulty dashboard knocking noise relay?

Wrong relay only needs to be replaced and replacing it is easy. Remove the old relay and remove it. Make sure you align the pins correctly before you push home the new relay. Make sure you have a manual for working with your car; although it will cost some rand, it is worth it.

A good manual includes cable diagrams, correction diagrams, torque fastener details, troubleshooting sections, and sequences.

Error Motor Stepper

Before we get into how a faulty ladder causes your car’s dashboard to click, let us know what it is and what its function is.

What is a stepper motor?

Have you heard of stepper motor? In simple terms, a stepper motor is an electric motor that is designed and equipped with increasing mobility. In other words, it is intended to convert digital pulses and convert them into mechanical shaft mechanical movements.

Stepper Motor
Stepper Motor

This device is intended to create an angular rotation where the same size is required during the supply of DC fluctuations respectively. A well-known feature of the stepper motor is that it can work well without brushes.

In many automotive systems, several motor steppers are integrated to perform several functions, for example, around heating systems. Unfortunately, these motorcycles connected to the heater system may fail to connect the car doors and lead to dashboard intimidation.

If the car’s mother’s ladder is faulty, it may result in clicking a button on your dashboard. But it can be challenging to know which stepper motor leads to the click-on sound on the dashboard. So, what can you do to see if your stepper motor is at fault?

Methods for diagnosing faulty stepper motor

First of all, you should know that your car’s heater operates under a computer control module that authorizes it to operate. Here, you should first diagnose by scanning. When you scan, there may be an error code that appears when the stepper motor has problems. Also, the scanner will point and detect the error.

How to fix a faulty stepper motor

The best way you can handle a faulty stepper motor by changing it, especially when you see that it will no longer work with the help of hands to open the compound door.


Whenever you hear a bad sound or sound in your car dashboard, it may not mean that your car is damaged. Most importantly you should understand that such sounds or sounds can be signs of mistakes in the future. Your car dashboard may indicate that you have considered additional testing as there may be problems such as fault stepper motor, transmission problems, and modulation control heater loss measurement. To avoid these problems, it is a good idea to check the health of your car regularly.

FAQs related to knocking noise coming from dashboard-

How do I change the stepper motor of my car?

Follow the steps below carefully to get the best results,

  • Turn off the fire.
  • Remove the pigtail connection from the pigtail.
  • Remove all bolts from the system.
  • Remove the ratchet and socket from the assembly.
  • Replace the stepper motor.
  • Start the engine by turning on the fire.

I hope you like the post and gained some useful information regarding the “knocking noise coming from dashboard “. If you have any further questions, please leave a comment below and we will respond with more competent solutions. Also, if you have any questions concerning remove your car dashboard, take a look at here     

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