Why do people Key Cars? And How to Fix

Unfortunately, this incident is something that you have been faced in your life. If you are a real car lover, such an incident can make you heartbroken. But why do people do this disgusting thing to other people? That is what we are going to discuss here. So this is why do people key cars.

This can be happened by mistake also, but at most times, someone with an evil heart does these things to people, and there are plenty of reasons for this that we are discussing here.

Can you fix a Keyed car?

Yep, why not? You can always fix a keyed car. It just needs is some time and some money. But how much you have to spend for the fixation depends on the damage done. Sometimes you may have to replace your doors completely if the injury is serious.

Fix a Keyed car
Fix a Keyed car

There are several methods for concealing or repairing scratches caused by keys on your vehicle. However, if you want the problem totally addressed and your car back to normal, you must take it to a professional or garage where they may either replace the parts or repair the mark yourself. It all depends on how deep the scratch is and how much scratching has occurred.

If you want to save some money…

You may use specific do-it-yourself tactics to minimize the scratch mark; however, this may not totally address the problem. You should always remember that an expert will always get the work done correctly and that attempting the task yourself may make the damage worse.

Wash the injured area to avoid pushing dirt and grit deeper into the damaged area. Apply toothpaste to the damaged area with a microfiber cloth and gently massage it in. You may need to use a few applications of toothpaste, but the procedure works remarkably well.

On the automobile, use a scratch remover product.

To touch up or lessen the sharp appearance of the scratch, use a black marker/different colored marker pen/spray paint. It will all depend on the color of your car’s paint, and it will not last forever, so use this as a last resort. It is also affected by the size and depth of the scratch itself.

Why do people key cars? Most possible causes.


It is possible to key an automobile incorrectly. The most common occurrences occur when individuals move around automobiles in congested or congested places. When they lose their balance or are struck by an automobile, anybody holding keys or sharp-edged items may inadvertently damage cars. This is why it is critical to park in designated parking areas with plenty of space between automobiles.


Some people get a rush from ruining other people’s property. It’s not personal for them; they don’t need to know you or disagree with the way you conduct yourself. If they see an opportunity to steal something or purposely ruin the property of others, they take it!

Conflicts and Disputes.

Car keying is a widespread habit that can stem from disagreements or arguments with coworkers, neighbors, other drivers on the road, or even family members.


We all know that alcohol may remove one’s inhibitions, and someone who secretly wants to play with others may be prone to executing a range of hazardous activities while inebriated. Furthermore, it may incite individuals to settle disagreements by keying on automobiles.


One of the most common reasons for “Why do people Key Cars” is jealousy. Individuals who are envious of other people demotivate them. Another method is to use a car key. It may be a buddy who is dissatisfied with the way things are going in your favor, or it could be someone at work who feels you are stealing the boss’s attention.

Can you claim insurance cover for a keyed car?

Automobile keying is considered vandalism in many US jurisdictions, and many comprehensive car insurance policies include vandalism. As a result, unless the auto insurance policy states otherwise, a keyed vehicle should be covered.

Insurance Cover for a Keyed Car
Insurance Cover for a Keyed Car

When filing a claim for your keyed automobile, you must first obtain a police record since the insurance company will require one. Before you remove the car from the crime scene, take photographs of the damage.

The police will take their own photographs, but you must have your own set of pictures that illustrate all of the damage. Once you’ve obtained the police report, contact your insurance agent to file the claim.

Then, have a claims adjuster from your insurance company analyze the damage. Inquire whether the insurance company has favored body shops that it uses in vandalism incidents. If not, find a reputable body shop that guarantees its work and negotiate with the insurance company to complete the repairs.

You’ll very certainly be required to pay your deductible to the body shop. Repairing superficial scratches produced by automobile keying can cost as low as $150; more significant damages, on the other hand, might cost up to $1,500.

Your claim history matters.

Keyed automobile claims do not have the same impact on insurance costs as other types of damage, such as car accidents.

As a result, whether or not your insurance premiums will rise if you submit a claim for a keyed automobile is heavily dependent on your claim history. If you have made another claim with the insurance provider during the previous two years, your rates will likely rise.

FAQs about Why do people key cars.

What should I do if someone keyed my car?

  • Call the cops.

Keying someone’s automobile is an act of vandalism; therefore, if this occurs to you, call the non-emergency hotline for your local police department. An officer will submit a report, hopefully leading to the individual who committed the crime being charged.

Is keying a car illegal?

The theft of car keys is a kind of vandalism that is punishable by law. Non-emergency number 101 should be dialed if you’ve had your automobile tampered with.

Is Will keying a car set off the alarm?

Using the key will deactivate the alarm since the key includes an RF chip that the car reads when the key is inserted in the ignition (the range is very, very small) and validates that the key is authentic, so it disables the alert.

Will my insurance go up if I scratch someone’s car?

Your liability insurance may cover the cost of repairing another person’s vehicles if you damage theirs inadvertently. An at-fault accident claim is likely to boost your premiums. Still, the exact amount depends on a variety of circumstances, including whether or not your account is currently in good standing.

What do I do if someone keys my car UK?

Vandalism, such as keying, may be reported to your local police department via the 101 non-emergency lines. Even if they are unable to take immediate action, having the occurrence documented is beneficial. An insurance claim will need you to provide a criminal reference number, which the police can provide.

We hope that our explanation provided you with the solution you were looking for to the query “Why do people key cars” If you have any more questions, please leave a comment below, and we would be happy to assist you further. If you require a review or information on the Car Master Key, go to this page. Thank you very much.

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