What does DSM Stand for Cars? A Detailed Review

What does DSM stand for cars? Many car lovers around the world keep asking this question on the most famous car forums to find out the real meaning of the term DSM related to cars. So, we thought to bring you a detailed explanation of the term and more. So, stick until the end and find out what you’ve been searching for.

There are several famous meanings for the term DSM in the world of vehicles. In this article, we will clarify the most relevant and the correct term for DSM.

What does DSM stand for?

When point out about ” What does DSM stand for cars? “, We’ve mentioned that there are several meanings for this term.

Dynamic Salvage Management (DSM)

Dynamic Salvage Management is devoted to offering unique damaged automobile managed services in the insurance market. We offer comprehensive solutions for different customers within the insurance business to simplify their work.

Diamond-Star Motors (DSM)

A joint venture between Chrysler and Mitsubishi Motors, Diamond-Star Motors was a manufacturer of automobiles. The trio of diamonds and a Pentastar were the inspiration for the name.

DSM Logo
DSM Logo

So the most relevant long-term for DSM for cars is Diamond Star Motors which is an honest vehicle company that was shut down in 1993.

What is about Diamond Star Motors?

Diamond-Star Motors began as a joint venture between Chrysler and Mitsubishi, with each company owning half of the company. But in 1991, Mitsubishi Motors, a Japanese corporation, bought its partner’s ownership investment, and Chrysler automobiles were manufactured on a contract basis.

Mitsubishi Motors Manufacturing America (MMMA) was renamed Diamond-Star Motors on July 1, 1995, after Chrysler sold its stock holding to Mitsubishi in 1993. [3] Cooperative production agreements have been in place between the two firms since then, notwithstanding the departure.

While DSMs are unquestionably renowned for their turbocharged and all-wheel-drive configurations, this does not imply that every Mitsubishi-built vehicle from the 1990s is turbocharged, and all-wheel-drive is a DSM by definition.

How to identify a DSM quickly?

When talk about the ” What does DSM stand for cars? ” we have to get clear idea about the how to identify the DSM. So,

It’s easier to identify what IS a DSM.

  • The 1989-1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse IS a DSM.
  • The 1989-1994 Plymouth Laser IS a DSM.
  • The 1989-1998 Eagle Talon IS a DSM.

The 2000-up Mitsubishi Eclipse is NOT a DSM.

  • The Galant VR4 is NOT a DSM.
  • The 3000GT VR4 is NOT a DSM.

And—FFS—the Evo is NOT a DSM. Source GBXM Magazine. Some more information about DSM company.

Diamond-Star Motors began as a 50-50 partnership between Chrysler and Mitsubishi. However, in 1991, the Japanese corporation bought out its partner’s stake, and Chrysler automobiles were only manufactured on a contract basis after that.

Mitsubishi bought majority ownership in Diamond-Star Motors in 1993, and the company was renamed Mitsubishi Motors Manufacturing America (MMMA) on July 1, 1995. Despite the split, the two firms have continued to work together on other production projects and consider all vehicles built through 1995[9] to be Diamond Star Motors.

Previously, the facility manufactured cars based on the Mitsubishi PS platform, which was developed in the United States, such as the Endeavor, Galant, and Eclipse. The factory was expanded to 2,400,000 square feet in 2003. (220,000 m2).

The facility started building the Mitsubishi RVR platform, which is known in the United States as the Outlander Sport, in mid-2012. In the highly automated facility, around 1,900 employees worked alongside 1,000 robots. Source Wikipedia

When does the company shut down, and why?

Mitsubishi stated in July 2015 that it would shut down its Normal factory. For some years, the factory had been running at a fraction of its capacity. It produced little over 61,000 automobiles in 2014, out of a total capacity of 240,000 vehicles.

Mitsubishi would import all automobiles sold in North America, shifting production to Japan. Mitsubishi stated it would attempt to sell the facility in order to save employment, but that if no buyer could be found by November, the plant would shut. After failing to find a buyer in time, manufacturing was halted on November 30.

On that day, the majority of the employees (900 out of 1200) were laid off, with the remainder going on to make replacement components until the facility closed permanently in May 2016. The facility was eventually sold to Maynards Industries, a liquidation, and auction company, with ownership set to transfer on June 1, 2016. Source Wikipedia

Type of DSM cars and Examples.

When considering the “What does DSM stand for cars”, There are two main types of DSM vehicles that were made by the company. They are the 1G DSM and the 2G DSM models.

1G DSM vehicles.

The 1Gs were all powered by Mitsubishi’s 4G63 Sirius 4-cylinder engine, which was available with either front- or all-wheel drive. The engine was the same for all trim levels of the vehicle.

1G DSM vehicles
1G DSM vehicles

Midway through manufacturing, the 1G DSM received a makeover. Pop-up headlights distinguish the 1989-1991 “1Ga” models from the facelifted 1992-1994 “1Gb” versions, which had composite headlights.

2G DSM vehicles.

The 2G DSMs were a little unusual. The sharp “cheese wedge” design was replaced with sheet metal that was more generously curved. Even the engineers recognized that crap was terrific, so the “power bulge” on the bonnet remained on even though it was no longer essential to clear the cam gears and timing belt. Plymouth was obsolete and dying away. Therefore the Laser was discontinued.

2G DSM vehicles
2G DSM vehicles

Only the Eclipse and Talon remained. The Eclipse GST & GSXTalon TSi & TSi AWD, and Talon TSi & TSi AWD turbocharged vehicles kept upgraded versions of the legendary 4G63, available in front- or all-wheel-drive combinations.

FAQs about “What does DSM Stand for Cars”.

Who made Eagle Talon?

Mitsubishi designed the Eagle Talon and Plymouth Laser, which were styled by Chrysler and constructed in the United States at the “Diamond Star” facility, which was jointly owned by Chrysler and Mitsubishi.

What year eclipse is a DSM?

The Plymouth Laser was deleted from the trio in the second iteration of the “DSM” for the 1995 model year, and both the Eclipse and the Talon received significantly restyled bodywork. The Eclipse was expanded to include an open-top Spyder variant in 1997.

What was the Dodge version of the Eclipse?

In January 1989, Plymouth introduced the Laser as a 1990 model. A total of three variants were initially available: basic, RS Turbo, and RS Turbo. The Mitsubishi Eclipse and the Eagle Talon were both launched in 1989.

Hope you get good idea about the ” What does DSM stand for cars? “. What do you think about it? What color your choice rims for a white car? Comment below. And if you have more matters about car exterior check this out.

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