VW EPC light Car Shaking; Why, and How to Fix?

When you are driving your VW car, you may see that one or many dashboard lights appear. At the same time, you may experience the car is shaking while driving. So, when this happens to you, and you don’t have a piece of good knowledge about the light indications, you must diagnose what was happening in your car. This article discusses VW EPC light car shaking. Stick until the end with us.

What are the dashboard lights, and what do they say?

Before we discuss about VW EPC light car shaking, we will see what are the dashboard lights available on your car. We know that many of you do not have a piece of good knowledge of the indicator lights. So before we get into a discussion about car shaking, check out the following to get a pretty good understanding of the dashboard lights.

Dashboard Lights
Dashboard Lights
  • ABS Malfunction.

When there is a problem with the ABS, the ABS warning light illuminates the brake warning light to alert the driver.

  • Automatic Transmission Malfunction

Consult with a Volkswagen authorized dealer or repair center as soon as possible to get the system examined.

  • Daytime Running Lights.
  • Particulate Filter (Diesel Engines)

Filter blocked with soot. See owner’s manual.

  • Low Fuel Level

Please refuel (1x audible warning).

Stop your vehicle and do not continue to drive (3x audible warning).

Yellow Solid: The Power steering assist is reduced

Yellow Flashing: Malfunction has occurred in the electronic steering column lock

Red Solid: A Power steering assist failure

Red Flashing: A Malfunction in the electronic steering column lock.

  • AdBlue Level Warning

A Refill AdBlue tank or AdBlue system malfunction.

  • Brake Light Bulb Failure

Brake lights burned out.

  • Rain Sensor Malfunction warning lights.

Switch the ignition off and on again. If the light stays on, you have to contact an authorized VW dealer or service facility.

  • Alternator Low Voltage Output warning light

Charging system failure.

  • Diesel Engine Pre-Glow warning light

Solid: the pre-glow system is switched on of the Diesel engine.

Flashing: Malfunction in the diesel engine

  • ESP/ASR warning light.

Solid: ESP/ASR inactive

Flashing: ESP/ASR event

  • License Bulb License Plate Bulb Failure warning light

License plate lights burned out.

  • Shift Lock warning light Shift Lock

The brake should be applied to shift the vehicle into gear.

  • DSG Transmission Too Hot

Stop! Do not continue driving (allow the transmission to cool with the gear shifter in park position).

  • Fuel Cap Off Or Missing

Fuel cap off or missing.

  • Oil Pressure Warning

Stop – no oil pressure, turn the engine OFF. 

  • Tire Pressure Monitoring

Tire pressure low or system failure.

  • AdBlue System Malfunction Warning

AdBlue system malfunction or not filled to standard AdBlue.

  • Brake Pad Wear Indicators

Check brake pad.

  • Electric Parking Brake Warning Light

Parking brake error. See owner’s manual.

  • Hood Open warning light.

Stop! Engine hood is not closed properly.

  • Oil Level Low warning light

Check oil level

Oil sensor – bring in for service

  • Washer Fluid Low warning light

Fill with washer fluid (1x audible warning).

  • AdBlue No Restart Warning light

No engine restart possible – not enough AdBlue or AdBlue system malfunction.

  • Bulb failure warning light

Solid: Bulb failure

Flashing: Headlamp leveling or AFS defective

  • Engine Malfunction warning light.

Engine emission malfunction- has to be serviced. 

  • Hybrid Drive System Malfunction warning light

Yellow: Hybrid system malfunction.

Red: Stop your vehicle in a safe place as soon as possible

  • Parking Brake warning light

A parking brake is applied

  • Airbag warning light

Passenger airbags deactivated or Airbag or belt tensioning system faulty.

  • Coolant Level Low Coolant Temperature High warning light

Stop! Check coolant level. See owner’s manual (3x audible warning).

  • Electronic Power Control warning light.

Engine malfunction – bring in for service.

  • Immobilizer warning light

Incorrect Key. Key not adapted to vehicle.

VW EPC light Car Shaking; why?

There are a few types in which the same dashboard light acts when something is wrong with the vehicle. So what are those types of indications, and what do they say?

Dash Is Partially Illuminated.

This is an issue that affects vehicles that are a few years old or older, and this is related to the kind of technology that was used.

Nowadays, individual LEDs are often used to create the dash lights, making it very rare to notice a dimming of half of the dash that is bigger than one of these lights.

In prior autos, on the other hand, the instrument cluster was illuminated by light bulbs behind the dials. 

It was possible that one of those bulbs might fail, causing the section of the dashboard that was lighted to go dark.

Dash lights are flickering sometimes.

Flickering dashboard lights are usually caused by failing alternators. In addition to charging the battery, the alternator is responsible for the correct working of the electrical components in your automobile.

If the alternator of your car fails, it may not be able to provide enough current to all of the components consistently.

EPC Light
EPC Light

Dash lights are no longer in use.

In general, if the dash lights are completely dark, it is fair to assume that the problem is electrical.

Mostly the reason is a blown a fuse, which is designed to protect the circuits in the case of an electrical surge. However, it’s conceivable that deeper wiring issues cause the issue.

These problems might still cause the fuse to blow, and they could persist even after the fuse has been replaced.

Some related FAQs about VW EPC light Car Shaking.

Why are my car shaking and the EPC light on?

EPC is an abbreviation for Electronic Power Control. When this light illuminates, it typically signifies a major problem with the fuel or ignition system.

On the other hand, the car vibrating might signal a vacuum leak or even broken motor mounts that would need the replacement of the mounts.

How much does it cost to fix a VW EPC light?

If you have a flashing Electronic Power Control (also known as the EPC), you will have to spend an average of $124 to $214 on repairing it, but only if the throttle body is faulty.

It is most probable that merely resetting the light would address the situation. Repairing an EPC light on a Volkswagen Jetta is around $200.

How can you reset my VW EPC light?

To resolve the EPC light on your own: 

First, start the automobile normally. Then, when the vehicle starts for the second time, depress the gas pedal to the floor until the engine stops.

 In certain instances, this is effective. Checking the electrical connections on the throttle body is also a good idea while doing this procedure.

We hope you’ve got the answer that you’ve needed for the question, “VW EPC light Car Shaking” reading our explanation. If you have more questions just leave a comment below, and we are really straightforward to help you further. And if you need to review about intermittent vibration, just check below page. Thank you.        

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