VSC Trac Off; How to Fix It?

“VSC” stands for ‘Vehicle Stability Control’, and when the VSC Trac light is On, on the dashboard it simply means that there is a problem with the vehicle’s stability control system. So, when this happens, you will have to take relevant measures to fix that particular problem.

In this article, we discuss VSC Trac Off; How to Fix It? So, stick around until the end to find out what you’ve been looking for.

What does the VSC system do?

In order to correct your car’s course and avoid an accident, the VSC system automatically cuts engine power to some wheels when it detects that it is losing traction. When it’s raining, foggy, or snowing, VSC significantly reduces the number of traffic accidents; for this reason, it’s crucial to repair your VSC system as soon as you notice a VSC light on your dashboard.

Trac Off Light; What Does It Mean?

Whenever a vehicle loses grip and begins to skid or slide, the traction control system (TCS) assists the driver in retaining control and stability of the car. A wheel can lose traction at any time, and the TCS can be activated automatically as soon as the vehicle’s computer system detects this. – itismycar.com

What causes the “VSC trac off”?

There are many possible causes for this problem, and we’ve identified some of the most common causes with our research, and here are those causes that we’ve identified so far.

Trac Off Light
Trac Off Light

Defective MAF sensor

Your car may have poor driving characteristics due to a faulty MAF sensor, including stalling, jerking, or hesitation when accelerating. This might occur as you’re driving quickly down a city street or on a highway onramp. These problems may result in hazardous situations that result in mishaps and injuries.

What is O2 sensor fault?

When an O2 sensor malfunctions, it is unable to control exhaust gas emissions, ensure effective fuel combustion, or trigger precise fuel injection levels. As a result, in addition to having a poor engine, the vehicle may release damaging environmental pollutants or carbon-based compounds.

Unsecured Gas Cap may affect VSC trac Off lights.

In addition to letting dirt and grime in, a poorly fitting gas cap may also let fuel vapors escape the gas tank. These fuel vapors may cause emissions system malfunctions, which may turn on the check engine light. Over time, fuel injectors may become contaminated by dirt that gets into the gas tank.

Defective accelerator pedal

The car’s ability to instantly accelerate or decelerate as the driver presses the gas pedal, however, will be significantly reduced if the accelerator pedal position sensor malfunctions. Given that the driver does not have complete control of the vehicle, this can result in traffic hazards.

Crankshaft position sensor malfunction.

The PCM may calculate the fuel injector pulse and spark timing incorrectly as a result of an erratic CKP sensor, leading to a rough-running and misfiring engine. When the vehicle is loaded, you as the driver may perceive the misfire as a more pronounced shaking or stumble.

Defective camshaft position sensor.

Your camshaft sensor could malfunction for a number of reasons, including oil and grime in the engine, water damage, faulty wiring, and overheating. Taking care of your car is the most important thing you can do to prevent this.

Wiring Problems

There could be a loose electrical connection in your car. Problems will result from a blown fuse. Sometimes a system component drains the battery slowly because it continues to draw power even when the engine is off. The battery is probably the most frequent reason for electrical issues with cars.

Bad brake light switch

Your car’s brake light switch performs a crucial safety duty. The signal lights at the back of your car receive power when you depress the brake pedal, alerting other drivers that you have slowed down.

So now you know what the causes for the VSC light are to come ON. then comes the problem, what to do when the VSC light comes ON.

Can I drive with TRAC off light on?

While driving with the traction control light on is normally safe, there are some situations when it is not. Your entire braking system could be impacted if the traction control, anti-lock braking system, and red brake warning lights are illuminated.

What to do when the VSC Trac light is ON?

When the VSC Trac light is ON while you’re driving, then the first thing you should do is stop and park your car at a safe place because driving with the VSC light is not good for your safety.

  1. Hold down the VSC button.
  2. The indicator lights for TRAC OFF and VSC OFF will turn on. Now both systems are off.
  3. Once more, press the VSC button. As soon as both lights go out, the systems are back in operation.

That fix is temporary, and here are the things you can do in order to permanently fix the VSC light problem.

Check brake fluid level.

You don’t need to add any brake fluid if your brake fluid level is at or above the “MIN” line. Once the reservoir cap has been carefully removed, add brake fluid until the level is just below the “MAX” line if your fluid level is below the “MIN” line. Avoid overfilling.

brake fluid level
brake fluid level

How to Retrieve Diagnostic Trouble Codes from Your Car’s Odometer Display

While turning the ignition key ON, press the Trip and Reset buttons on the odometer. Release the odometer Reset and Trip buttons after turning the key to the ON position to see if the Diagnostic Trouble Code, or DTC, shows up on the odometer display.

How to Check Your Brake Lights Without a Helper Using This Simple Trick

Place the floor brush or mop’s one end on the brake pedal. Alternately, you can press the brake pedal with whatever you are currently using. Until the brake is engaged, depress the pedal, then lock it in place so that it stays depressed. Check the lights as you circle the back of your vehicle.

How much does it cost to fix VSC system?

Both of these programs, which are akin to traction control and stability control, are intended to prevent your car from losing traction. You could spend as little as $150 or as much as $1,500 to have the VSA system fixed.

Some related FAQs about VSC Trac Off.

Does traction control make your car shake?

Yes, a wheel speed sensor that sends the incorrect signals to the driver assistance systems—traction control, antilock brakes, and electronic stability systems—can make a car shake.

Can traction control affect acceleration?

Acceleration is indeed impacted by traction control, but you move slower rather than faster. Some individuals mistakenly believe that the additional traction allows you to floor it. They presumptively believe the traction control can keep your wheels on the ground.

Does traction control reduce engine power?

The traction control system prevents the vehicle from sliding by slowing the engine and selecting which wheel to apply brake pressure to. Together, the traction control system and the anti-lock braking system keep the vehicle stable.

How do I reset my traction control stability?

  1. Leave the car running for about 15 minutes after turning it off.
  2. Don’t start the car; just turn the key to the on position.
  3. The gas pedal should be depressed five times in five seconds.
  4. At this point, the light ought to turn off.
  5. Until the light is turned off, repeat this process.

Hope you enjoy the article and get good idea about “VSC Trac Off”. If you have more matters regarding this comment below and we will give you more professional solutions. And if you like to know about How to Reset Mass Air Flow Sensor check this out.

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