How to remove the panel under the steering wheel?

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How to remove the lower dash panel under the steering wheel?; The exact steps

  1. First under How to remove the panel under the steering wheel, you need to attack the two lower screws at the corners. Usually, those screws are in size 08[but can vary in some vehicles], so you need to have a standard socket size 08 key.
  2. Once you have removed one screw, get on to the other one and remove it also.
  3. So after removing those two screws, we’ve got a hidden screw coming from the side, so remove it, and then another hidden screw is there, which is coming from behind. So right after you’ve removed all the screws, the next thing is to get the whole thing out.
  4. So, what you have to do is grab the entire cover tightly and safely draw it toward. Sometimes it can be pretty tight, but it is not a problem. But if it is tight, you have to check back whether all the screws are already removed or not.
  5. So you’ve got these just these little kinds of compression clips on both sides. All they do is a slot into the tiny gap in there, so that’s all it is so the whole thing goes straight in clipped into place and then to remove it and come straight out.
  6. So about is the top trim removed and good to go.
  7. After that upper trim is removed, you can see you’ve gained access to another two extra screws. The size of the two screws hose is also the same as the earlier removed screws.
  8. Get both of those removed, one on either side. They find that they’re staging. The last screw, the whole thing, is very loose, so it’ll be kind to help hold it on the draw the hand from underneath the electrical connector in there, which is for the diagnostic port.
  9. So get that rare release next to the other connector you may well have as the light connector. Here you can see that one’s already disconnected when you removed it.
  10. You didn’t actually remove that, you see two Spade connectors, and you can just fall into those Spade connectors off. That’s easy enough, and then for the diagnostic port itself, you see the little tab on the front.
  11. Finally in how to remove the panel under the steering wheel, Same on the back; just squeezing those two together got the whole thing a bit of a wobble-like. So and that’s your red diagnostic port removed.
remove the panel under the steering wheel
remove the panel under the steering wheel

What if it does not come out?

If it is not coming out, you can try the following procedure, for how to remove the panel under the steering wheel.

Pull out the dashboard and down the top edge of it. Near the top, there is one clip on each side. Plastic hooks act as a “hinge” to keep the bottom in place. Place one finger on each side of the opening and turn the steering wheel all the way up.

So as you can see, guys that are the lower – panel wholly removed from the car and ready to go.

Pay attention to the safety of the vehicle.

Repairs or any changes in a vehicle have to be always done with proper knowledge or guidance. A simple mistake can lead to a more significant issue that makes you a more considerable cost in the future.

When discuss about the how to remove the panel under the steering wheel, you have to pay attention and take care of the vehicle’s wiring system. To remove the screws and the dashboard firmly without doing any damage to the wirings. If any damage happens there, you will suddenly lose some functions associated with the battery and Electricity.

Also, you need to be careful of the knobs that fit the dashboard onto the vehicle because if you’ve braked one or more of those, you will find it more challenging when setting it back at its place. So if you are not sure that you cannot do it alone, safely, then it would be best to get help from someone else.

FAQ’s about How to remove the panel under the steering wheel?.

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