Ford F150 Gas Tank Size: Must Read Before Buy

What is the gas tank size of the Ford F-150? Depending on the trim level, model options, and model year, the fuel tank capacity of the Ford F-150 can range from 23.0 gallons to 36.0 gallons. 

The key to increasing your miles per gallon is having the fuel burn as efficiently as possible. Your gas tank must be in excellent condition. 

At some point or another, you will run into issues. The fuel tank might come undone. There could be a faulty control valve. It can become stuck and be quite a hassle to deal with the gas cap. 

There might be gas leaks, which require immediate investigation. Parts for cars will eventually stop working. Every 30,000 miles, the fuel filter needs to be changed. If it doesn’t, you might experience performance issues.

2022 Ford F-150 gas tank sizes.

2021 Ford F-150 gas tank sizes.

2020 Ford F-150 gas tank sizes.

How many miles can an F150 go on a full tank?

The 2021 Ford F-150’s large body allows for a sizable fuel tank. You can travel approximately 621 highway miles on the diesel engine’s 23-gallon tank before needing to refuel.

How far can a Ford F150 go on empty?

Ford F150
Ford F150

When the fuel gauge reads “0 miles to empty,” the F-150 can travel between 35 and 80 miles. When the truck displays E, the tank is only sixteenths full.

Although you still have some gas in the tank when your fuel light comes on, you should be actively looking for a fuel station as soon as possible. 

When there are 3-5 gallons of fuel left in the tank, the Ford F-150’s fuel light will turn on. The size of the gas tank has an impact on this figure.

The F-150’s fuel light should stay on for at least 40 miles before it needs to be turned off. Better fuel-efficient models can typically be driven up to 75 miles. 

However, pushing it is not advised, so you ought to halt at the next gas station.

  • If you frequently drive on highways, your Distance to Empty warning might give you an earlier warning of up to 80 miles of fuel left.
  • Your Distance to Empty feature may warn you at 35 miles or less if you are towing a trailer or idling for extended periods of time.

What is the 2021 Ford F-150’s engine performance?

2021 Ford F-150 Engine Comparison

A 3.3L V6 engine inside the Ford F-150 produces 290 horsepower, which is undoubtedly a startling amount. Similar to the aforementioned amenities, the engines and capabilities vary depending on which trim a customer chooses. 

A 325hp, 2.7-liter EcoBoost® V6 engine with improved fuel efficiency. Both the larger 5.0-liter V8 engine and the smaller 3.5-liter EcoBoost® V6 engine have 400 horsepower. Any engine you choose will result in an incredibly reliable drive. 

The Ford F-150 is it has any issues?

One of the most significant issues with F-Series trucks from 2015 to 2017 has been a frozen door handle latch issue. 

The latch frequently fails to latch onto the door striker when it is below zero degrees. As a result, if the truck is moving, the door might fly open. 

Occasionally, the door will freeze shut, trapping the driver inside.

The F-150’s fuel economy in summary.

Numbers for estimated fuel economy are just that: estimates. However, Ford should be very happy with these figures as it aims to remain a step ahead of the competition. 

Granted, many people may have anticipated higher figures, but they frequently overlook the physical characteristics of pickup trucks, which are essentially boxes on wheels. 

There are only so many things you can do with this box to increase fuel efficiency, and Ford has probably done the most with a hybrid truck that is also lighter and smaller because of the aluminum body.

Blinking Check Engine Light Ford: What Does it Mean?


Which Ford F-150 has the highest fuel efficiency?

According to EPA fuel-economy estimates Ford released on Friday, the hybrid 2021 Ford F-150 has taken the top spot as the most economical pickup in its class. 

According to the agency, the rear-wheel-drive F-150 PowerBoost achieves a combined 25 mpg and has a tank life of 750 miles.

Why does my F150 have poor gas mileage?

The fuel pump may develop a blockage or stop working. A malfunctioning fuel pump can cause an engine to run poorly because it is not receiving enough fuel. 

Gas mileage will decrease as a result of this. Fuel filter clog: A fuel filter clog will also result in poor gas mileage.

How much does it cost to fill the gas tank on a Ford F-150?

Depending on the tank size, a Ford F-150’s average gas fill-up costs $96.37 to $150.804. Two different tanks are included with the Ford F-150.

With a gallon of gas costing, on average, $4.189 in the United States, the amount needed to fill the tank of an F-150 would range from 23 to 36 gallons, depending on the size of the tank. 

The cost of filling up your F-150 can vary significantly depending on where you live because gas prices vary depending on where you are.

Some related FAQs about Ford F150 Gas Tank Size.

Which Ford F150 is the most fuel efficient?

According to EPA fuel-economy estimates Ford released on Friday, the hybrid 2021 Ford F-150 has taken the top spot as the most economical pickup in its class.
According to the agency, the rear-wheel-drive F-150 PowerBoost achieves a combined 25 mpg and has a tank life of 750 miles.

Why do trucks have two gas tanks?

This was the case with both gasoline and diesel models. Due to fit, these trucks had two tanks.
This also assisted in distributing the weight of these trucks evenly from front to back. These two tanks were typically the same size.

Can you install a bigger gas tank?

A few manufacturers produce aftermarket fuel tanks that can hold up to twice as much fuel as the stock tank on your truck.
These tanks have a slightly different shape than the OEM tank, but they still fit into the same location on the vehicle’s undercarriage.

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