Ford Expedition Shifting Problems; Reviewed and Explained.

What product comes out perfectly with no errors inside? Nothing. So the Ford Expedition too. One of the main issues reported with the Ford Expedition shifting problems. As we always bring you the best and what you’ve looking for, our review on Ford Expedition shifting problems is our review.

Why Ford Expedition?

Ford’s Expedition is a three-row, three-quarter-ton full-size SUV. The Expedition was the first full-size Ford SUV to be produced with a four-door body introduced for the 1997 model year. Throughout its entire manufacturing existence, the Ford Expedition has been adapted from the Ford F-150, sharing the particular body and mechanical components.

So the Ford Expedition is still a better choice for someone looking for a car that lasts long with minimal cost.

Common Issues of Ford Expedition transmission.

• TCC Application in second Gear – 4R75E Transmission / 4R70 Transmission

When consider about the Ford Expedition Shifting Problems, this is the most common issue we face. A lack of power after the 1-2 shift may be caused by an un-commanded TCC application. The P0742 and P1742 DTCs would also be stored.


After the 1-2 shift, the #7 check ball within the valve body may have worn down to the wrong size, causing the torque converter clutch to engage. The issue might be solved by replacing the check ball.

• Slipping in All Forward Gears – 4R75E Transmission

2005 – 2006 Ford 4R75E Transmission.

Problem – Many 2005 – 2006 Ford cars equipped with the 4R75E transmission can experience excessive slipping in all forward gears. Metal shavings can also be present in the transmission fluid.

4R75E Transmission
4R75E Transmission


Replace forward clutch drum and update Engine Control Unit with program 06B06.

Ford Expedition 4R70 / 4R75E 3rd Gear slipping.

The Ford Expedition is a rugged people-hauling vehicle. However, Ford Expedition SUVs equipped with the 4R70W/4R70E or 4R75E transmission from 2001 and after might have major shifting issues, such as the 3rd gear slide. When the shift lever is manually shifted to the two positions, drivers may detect a lack of engine braking.

Cause of Ford Expedition 3rd gear shift problems.

You’re not alone if the 4R70W/4R70E or 4R75E transmission in your 2001 or later Ford Expedition seems to slide into neutral between the 3-4 shift. A broken overdrive servo retaining snap ring or an overdrive survived piston ‘E’ clip are common causes of Ford Expedition 3rd gear slide.

When this occurs, the shattered parts might get lodged in the overdrive servo regulator valve, restricting valve movement and preventing the overdrive band from fully applying.

Not only will the damaged components need to be replaced to fix your Ford Expedition 3rd gear slippage issues. To fix any damage caused by those damaged components, the overdrive servo regulator valve assembly will also need to be reconditioned.

Many transmission rebuilders ignore this step, which leads to further transmission issues down the road. A remanufactured 4R70W/4R70E or 4R75E transmission, on the other hand, goes through a thorough reman process where potential problems are identified. 

How much will it cost to fix the 4R70W/4R70E or 4R75E transmission problems?

Unfortunately, the issue stated here will need your transmission’s removal and disassembly/partial disassembly. Given the time and effort required to remove the gearbox from the car (which is not a straightforward process), most repair companies will advise you to rebuild the complete transmission while it’s out.

It makes sense to pay the additional money to replace the 4R70W/4R70E or 4R75E information because they already have to pull it down to replace the 4R70W/4R70E 4R75E transmission.

After all, after your transmission has been repaired, you should be able to get a lot more mileage out of it. And since they’re already dismantling the transmission, why not?

Can you drive safely when there is a transmission problem?

“It’s alright, I’ll simply drive it until I can have it repaired,” you could respond if your Ford Expedition can still move up and down the road. However, this isn’t always a wise option depending on the symptoms.

Because a transmission has a lot of (expensive) moving components, if anything isn’t working correctly, continuing to drive with a transmission issue might cause more harm.

Ford Expedition
Ford Expedition

How often does a Ford Expedition transmission need to be replaced?

A Ford Expedition transmission’s total lifetime is primarily determined by its maintenance. Factory design issues and how/how hard you drive play a role in this equation.

However, we’ve seen the Ford Expedition gearbox last anywhere from 120,000 to 170,000 miles on average. However, if all of the original design defects have been corrected and the vehicle has been maintained, a high-quality new gearbox may last much longer.

How to diagnose the Ford Expedition shifting problems?

It’s not difficult to estimate what’s causing your Ford Expedition gearbox difficulties, but you won’t know for sure unless you have the necessary equipment and knowledge.

A competent technician or transmission repair shop will be able to connect your vehicle to a computer and determine whether diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) have been saved. They may undertake a visual check to confirm the issue once they know what to look for.

How to replace Ford Expedition transmission?

To reach all of the pieces that will need to be unbolted while replacing your Ford Expedition gearbox, the vehicle must be elevated off the ground. The transmission may then be lowered to the ground (usually using a transmission jack) and a new transmission fitted.

Once installed, the vehicle PCM for the 6L80 will need to be reprogrammed/reflashed to accept the new gearbox using the most recent GM subscription.

FAQs about Ford Expedition Shifting Problems.

Does Ford Expedition have transmission problems?

It’s the kind of automotive issue that’s easy to see. Shifting delays, leaping or grinding during acceleration, a shaky sensation, or whistling sounds and a burning smell from beneath the hood are all symptoms of transmission difficulties with the 2021 Ford Expedition.

What causes transmission not to shift properly?

It’s the kind of automotive issue that’s easy to see. Shifting delays, leaping or grinding during acceleration, a shaky sensation, or whistling sounds and a burning smell from beneath the hood are all symptoms of transmission difficulties with the 2021 Ford Expedition.

What’s the worst year for Ford Expedition?

One of the worst years for a Ford Expedition is 2006. The 2006 Ford Expedition had the most complaints about engine problems and paint coming off of the car. According to the website, one of the biggest problems for the Ford Expedition was the engine shutting off when the fail-safe light comes on.

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