Fixed; the clicking noise when accelerating from stop.

You came here because you’ve heard that clicking noise when accelerating from stop, and you need to know the reason for that and how to fix it as soon as possible.

That is what we’re strictly going to discuss here. So this ticking sound can come because for many reasons. So in this article, we will find out the possible causes and the ways to permanently fix those issues. So before we start, if you are hearing this sound for a long time, you have to take quick action and hire a mechanic because sometimes there can be severe damage made inside your car with the time.

Possible Reasons for the clicking noise when accelerating from stop.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, there are many possible reasons for this issue of clicking noise when accelerating from stop. So first, we will list down those reasons and then discuss them next.

  • Decreased oil pressure
  • Exhaust leaks and damages.
  • Issues in the valves.
  • Spark plugs malfunction.
  • Firing in the fuel injector.
  • Engine fan failures.
  • Associated parts in the front Engine.

Those are the most common reasons that we’ve found so far. So let’s discuss those issues further.

Decreased Oil pressure.

Whether you are very careful about your vehicle, sometimes you may forget to check the levels of your engine oils with your busy schedule. Oils are performing the task of lubricating the vehicle’s inner parts, protecting the internal parts scrubbing each other, and damage.

So correct level and the quality of engine oils in the vehicle ensure a smooth run inside the car, so the inner moving parts can live longer without needing replacements.

So, with low oil pressure, your Engine’s metal parts will come into direct contact with each other, resulting in irreparable damage.

Fixing for clicking noise when accelerating from stop.

Fixing this issue is straightforward. First, check the level of the engine oils by the oil meter. If the oil level is below the recommended, fill it with new oil. But if the oil level I normal but you haven’t changed them for a long time, try replacing new engine oil.

how to check Condition of the Engine
how to check Condition of the Engine

Engine fan failures will make clicking noise when accelerating from stop.

First, if there is a failure in your Engine’s fan, you should repair it as soon as possible to safeguard the vehicle from severe damages.

Engine fan helps in cooling the Engine by bringing the cool air inside. But when there is a failure in the fan, it directly causes the Engine to overheat. That overheating will slightly expand the Engine’s metallic parts, causing unwanted friction between those parts.

The other thing is, a ticking sound can come out directly from the fan when there is a problem with the fan. So you have to consider both instances when the issue is with the fan. And it too effect for the clicking noise when accelerating from stop.

Fixing for issue.

You have to hire a mechanic for the repair of the fan. Otherwise, you can replace the old one with a new one.

Firing in the fuel injector.

The best-case situation for engine ticking will be this. When the fuel injectors start firing in some automobiles with a fuel injection system, ticking noises will be heard.

These are essentially the injector valves that swiftly open and close to enable the correct quantity of fuel to reach the internal combustion chamber. This noise is nothing to be concerned about and is a typical element of your vehicle’s functioning.

Fixing for the clicking noise when accelerating from stop.

This sound is usually typical and does not need repair. So if you are sure that the sound is coming from that, you don’t need to worry.

Issues in the valves.

air exchanging headers
Air exchanging headers

A vehicle engine contains many valves, and they are made super fit for the purpose. So any tiny wrong movement or friction can lead to severe issues inside.

The valves open and shut when your Engine rotates a few times. The opening and shutting of valves are controlled by a device known as a rocker arm. The rocker arm is controlled by a pushrod on the camshaft, which must be the exact distance from the valve.

So any displacement in those valves or the controllers can make sounds, including ticking sounds.


As the valves are essential for the vehicle to run, dealing with those valves has to be done with a lot of attention. So it is better if you can hire a specialist in the field to fix the issues with the valves.

Spark plugs malfunction.

Ticking noises in engines are often caused by spark plugs that are either loose or damaged. Please take a look at the Engine when it is off and cooled down. If one of them is broken, replace it immediately.

Check to see whether the spark plug moves after you remove the spark plug wire. If this is the case, you’ll need to tighten the socket. There are situations when the plug is not correctly torqued. As a result, you will need to re-install it following the instructions in the owner’s handbook.


Spark plugs seal off the cylinders. The threads of the cylinder head may be damaged by bad plugs, leading to engine failure. Repairing or replacing damaged cylinder heads is the only option if this occurs to you.

Exhaust leaks and damages.

When the Engine is ticking at idle and under acceleration, it is caused by a leak in the exhaust system. The condition occurs when high-pressure exhaust gases escape through a leak in the gasket or a fracture in the manifold.


This is not a significant issue, and you are still able to operate a motor vehicle. But it will make clicking noise when accelerating from stop. However, it should be repaired ASAP since an excessive leakage of exhaust gases would be detrimental to the Engine.

FAQs about clicking noise when accelerating from stop.

When I come to a stop my car makes a clicking noise?

This can be due to many reasons. But most probably, it could be a wheel bearing that is wearing out. Sometimes it may be due to some issues in your vehicle’s brake pads. So once you’ve repaired those, the clicking sound disappears.

Why does my car click when I let go of the gas?

When loaded on the opposite side from the load applied when driving, the differential within the gearbox may be worn or have a bearing problem, resulting in the clicking noise. Try downshifting and reverse shifting to check whether the noise is there.

What does a loose caliper sound like?

A loose caliper clearly makes a clicking sound.

Hope you enjoy the article and get good knowledge about the clicking noise when accelerating from stop. If you have more matters regarding this comment below and we will give you more professional solutions. And if you have more matters about the car check this out.

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