Chevy 400ss Specs and Review. (Must read before BUY)

Chevy 400SS was one of the best-underrated vehicles that most people didn’t even hear about. So, as we always bring good things to you, we decided to write about Chevy 400ss specs and write a detailed review on this masterpiece. So, stick until the end to find out what you’ve been looking for.

When we discuss Chevy’s vehicles which acquired top ratings in the field, the 400SS has not been on that entire list. In my opinion, I don’t find any reason why this vehicle is not rated. Let’s see what makes it a better vehicle.

What is the story behind the Chevy 400SS?

On the 21st of March, 1962, the first Chevrolet 400 was produced. The car had a 194-cubic-inch engine with the designation “194”, as previously mentioned (or 3179 cc). As a luxury sedan, it was marketed in the “Special” and “Base” variants, with most of these being utilized as taxis.

A single-barrel Rochester BC carburetor was installed in its engine, whereas the Special’s Holley was used. Both engines were capable of producing 106 horsepower. The versions had a manual transmission with three gears.

“Super” was introduced in 1964 by General Motors and featured an updated front. A new inline “230” six-cylinder engine (3769 cc) and Holley R2751 carburetor (127 hp and 3-speed manual transmission) debuted in Super, which was fitted with 3-speed manual transmission.

A more potent engine and a unique transmission were standard on the 1967 Chevrolet 400 “Super Sport,” the line’s most aggressive model. The included ZF 4-speed selector with trigger shifter and 250 cubic-inch OHV six-cylinder engine.

This engine-box combo developed 155 horsepower in the SuperSport. A Holley RX 7214-A carburetor was also included. The new design also had quad-round headlamps on the front end.

In the same year, Carlos Alberto Pairetti won the Turismo Carretera championship in a prototype Chevrolet dubbed “The Orange Thunder” (‘El Trueno Naranja,’ in Spanish), so named for its orange paint job and powered by a 250-horsepower engine mated to a transmission similar to that found in the Chevrolet Corvette.

Chevy 400ss
Chevy 400ss

What engine does a Chevy 400SS have?

It had a few types of engines related to the released models. So the following are all types of engines that the 400s had.

Chevrolet 400 STD

  • Motor “194” – 194 inches. cub. 3185 cc – 106 hp.

Chevrolet 400 Special

  • Motor “194” – 194 inches. cub. 3185 cc – 106 hp.
  • Motor “230” – 230 inches. cub. 3769 cc – 127 hp.

Chevrolet 400 Super

  • Motor “230” – 230 inches. cub. 3769 cc – 127 hp.

Chevrolet 400 Super Sport

  • Motor “250” – 250 inches. cub. 4097 cc – 155 hp.

Rally Sport Chevrolet 400

  • Motor “194” – 194 inches. cub. 3185 cc – 106 hp.
  • Motor “230” – 230 inches. cub. 3769 cc – 127 hp.
  • Motor “250” – 250 inches. cub. 4097 cc – 155 hp.

Why did they stop the production of 400ss?

If you love 400s, I hope you would like to know why Chevy stops producing the 400s. Many reasons affected them to take that decision. The most compelling reasons are below.

“Chevy,” a sports car based on the 1968 Chevy II Nova, became the most recognized vehicle in Chevrolet’s history when it debuted in 1969.

When designing the Chevy 400, the goal was to create a luxury car with sports-oriented characteristics on one side and a sporty vehicle with luxury amenities on the other (Chevy). What hasn’t been considered was that Chevy’s sales rose at the expense of the 400, creating a rivalry between the two models.

While the 400 was manufactured alongside the Chevy, the North American version of the 400 was discontinued after the 1967 model year.

In 1972, “Rally Sport” was introduced, which was less expensive than the Chevrolet 400. In addition, the “194”, “230,” and “250” engines all had a Holey R 2751 carburetor and a 4-speed transmission.

In addition to the standard black sidebands, these variants came in various tints of white, red, light blue, and orange, to name just a few. The “RS” badge and a redesigned grille with two headlights instead of four were also prominently displayed at the rear of the vehicle.

A total of 93,000 400s had been built when Chevrolet Argentina stopped production in 1974. “Chevy Malibu” (based on the American Chevrolet Nova 4-door car, with no resemblance to the North American market Chevrolet Malibu) succeeded it. Opel’s K-180 was the first GM mid-size car to be sold in Argentina, and a “194” engine powered it.

Chevy 400ss interior
Chevy 400ss interior

What were the newly introduced changes in the 400ss?

A DJM 4/6 drop kit had to be used to get the right stance. In order to lower the front suspension, DJM installed a 2-inch drop spindle and shorter coil spring combo.

In order to get a 6-inch drop, the rear axle housing had to be unbolted, then flipped and placed above the leaf spring pack.

DJM gas-filled shock absorbers were placed at each corner of the vehicle to provide a more pleasant ride. Toyo P275/35R22 tires are mounted on the 22×9-1/2-inch Kaizer Eiffel wheels.

Front and rear SS bumpers were fitted on the 2000 Silverado. Alberto Vielma Andrade, from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, designed the spooky designs that depict dragons, skulls, and gargoyles.

Alberto painted the exterior and interior of the Silverado with House of Kolors red, yellow, and orange candy colors, then buried the images in multi-coats of clear.

Engine Power Reduced Chevy impala; What You Need to Know?

The Engine power of the chevy impala is usually reduced due to damages to the throttle body. When the throttle body is damaged, or dirty, or something is messing around with it, it can reduce engine power. – It Is My Car

Some related FAQs for Chevy 400ss.

What year of Chevy truck is the best?

In terms of overall dependability and quality, the 2012 Chevy Silverado 1500 series is generally regarded as the most acceptable year to acquire. They are renowned for enduring a long time, and not many complaints have been filed about them.

What does C K mean in Chevy trucks?

“C” meant two-wheel drive, whereas “K” denoted four-wheel drive and was used for the model branding and the internal model code. The model line was produced in four generations, with the second-generation “Action Line” and third-generation “Rounded Line” cars being the most popular.

What year Silverado should I avoid?

In short, the Chevy Silverado models from 2005, 2007, 2008, 2014, 2015, and 2016 should be avoided. The year 2014 is often regarded as the worst of the lot. The Chevy Silverado has been on the market since 1998 and has a strong sales track record. 7th of December 2021

I hope you learned something new from this article and have a better understanding of Chevy 400ss. If you have any further questions, please leave a comment below and we will respond with more competent solutions. Also, if you have any further questions concerning the chevy 4 wheel drive switch problems, take a look at this.

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